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New York took a historic step to expand free school meals this year, but too many students are still left behind. Your donation will help us continue our work to bring school meals at no cost to all of our state’s students.

Healthy school meals for all students reduces child hunger, improves health, supports learning, ends stigma, and creates a level playing field where all children have the food they need to thrive. But in New York, over 360,000 students still can’t get the meals they need during the school day. Other states—Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, and California—are putting their students first by passing statewide free school meals for all policies. It’s time for New York to join them.

Join this historic movement by donating to Healthy School Meals for All NY Kids. You will be alongside more than 280 organizations steadfast in their commitment to pass a permanent statewide policy that ensures all New York State students can get the nutrition they need at school to grow, learn, and thrive. We are grateful for your support!

Your donation will go to Hunger Solutions New York on behalf of Healthy School Meals for All NY Kids. 100% of your contribution will support the coalition and its work.

We are advocating for New York to establish and fund Healthy School Meals for All in the FY2025 state budget.

Learn more about the budget process and how you can get involved.